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buding1203score:5.0 / 52021-10-26
Shanghai YingYuan hotel is close to the urban area. The environment is very good, the service is also very considerate, sanitary and clean, the cost performance is very high, and the hygiene is quite satisfactory. It is surrounded by Jiading ancient town, which is convenient for shopping and catering
ljjepriscore:4.8 / 52021-10-26
Good! It feels good! This is a hotel suitable for business trip in Shanghai. It's really good!
e00017162score:4.8 / 52021-10-25
The location of the hotel is good and the price is affordable. The standard bed is a little smaller. It's really 90 cm wide
bigleafscore:4.5 / 52021-10-25
A few years ago, I felt good because I had been on a business trip for several times. This time, it was also good. The waiter specially sent a small box of yogurt. The gift was light and the affection was heavy. One thing to mention is that the shower in room 1305 is leaking seriously. My mobile phone almost got water. Repair it quickly.
e00740648score:4.8 / 52021-10-24
This hotel has been checked in many times. The facilities of the new building are better and the breakfast is also good. You can choose it for business travel.
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